Over 1200 San Anselmo voters, concerned by the waste of $52.1 million taxpayer dollars by the County of Marin for local Ross Valley flood control projects, signed a ballot initiative to remove San Anselmo from the County Flood Control District and to halt the flood tax that we have paid annually since 2008. Thanks to the response from residents like you, Measure F is on the March 5, 2024 election ballot. Let the voters decide!

The County spent $52.1 million on staff, consultants and studies for almost no effective flood control. Demolition of Creek Park Plaza, a part of the County’s flood plan, will likely create flooding in Ross, leaving San Anselmo and the County legally responsible. Demolition of the Plaza and construction of whatever comes next will be very hard on our downtown merchants. It is also likely that a number of the redwoods surrounding the Plaza will be removed or damaged or killed.

The County has not been forthcoming on these issues. Much of the information that appears on our FAQs was obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests. San Anselmo originally left the Flood District in the 1970s when the concrete channel was being built behind College of Marin up through Ross. As a result of the 2005 Flood, San Anselmo rejoined the Flood District in 2007 after a close and hotly contested vote. 17 years later, the promised flood control has not materialized. The County FZ9 flood control project is a failure and a waste of our tax money.

Please send your questions to: info@stopFZ9fee.com