Reports from the Engineers who have examined the integrity of Creek Park Plaza:

Structural Engineer’s Sunny Jhutti’s report | Ballard & Watkins | MGE | Martin & Martin

Give Us Back Our Plaza!

The County shutdown of Creek Park Plaza is a phony emergency. The Plaza is NOT in imminent danger of collapse and can be safely repaired with funds already reserved for that purpose by the Town.


Measure F, to withdraw San Anselmo from Flood Zone 9 will release our community from ineffective flood administration and the ongoing waste of your flood tax money. The County’s arbitrary and unnecessary closure of Creek Park Plaza is further evidence of the County’s lack of transparency and failure to deliver proposed flood control. By voting YES on F, you are joining a growing movement of residents who recognize that the County is unable to fulfill its promises to provide flood control, and that our flood fees have been wasted.

Demolition of Creek Park Plaza will NOT solve flooding in San Anselmo.

Stop The Waste | VOTE YES ON F

Measure F, the initiative measure to withdraw the Town of San Anselmo from Marin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District Zone 9, is supported by San Anselmo Mayor Eileen Burke and former Mayors Paul Chignell, Matt Brown, Ford Greene, Anne Wooliever, Jeff Kroot, Tim Yarish and Maria Zaharoff.

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